We Are a team of Digital Marketing & Advertisements Professionals.
About Us
Use The Power Of Facebook and Instagram Marketing to Grow your Business.
About Us

Every minute 1950 people see one of our clients ads on their smartphones.

We deliver new customers for growing brands using Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads. Our mobile ads cut through the noise and deliver against your bottom line whether thats users, leads or good ol’ money-in-the-bank.

Congratulations. Your search for your new ad agency is over. Now lets get to work…

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If you’ve worked with a Google or Facebook Ads agency before you’re going to find us a bit different…

When you work with X7 MEDIA you deal directly with Manpreet Kataria who brings over 15 years of experience with digital advertising to the table. Whether you’re spending $10,000 a month or $100,000 your account will never be left in the hands of inexperienced junior staff. Because we don’t have any. You won’t be able to visit us at our swish office in Downtown Dubai or Marina, because we don’t have those either. Our team work remotely meaning we can hire the best talent wherever they are in the world. And no you can’t talk to “someone in sales” because, you guessed it, we don’t have any of those guys either 🙌

What we do have are the bona fide skills, tools & experience to grow your business with online advertising. And we have the results to prove it. We think thats why our average client stays with us for 3+ years and our client retention rate has been over 90% every year since we started working in 2017. So whether you’re just starting out, looking to scale up your advertising or already running ads but not getting the results you know you could be then set up a time to talk to Manpreet and have a consultation. We’d love to find out more about your business and see if we can help you get ahead with your digital advertising.

We’re a small agency, with some BIG numbers 🥊

$ 0 mn
Worth of sales generated for Smart Earthworks Vanuatu
0 %
YoY revenue growth in a $30mn turnover BPO in Philippines
Dollars worth of business generated for Oster Group
0 %
Growth in sales in AAA Immigration from Digital Channels
0 %
Increase in number of Qualified Leads for iKonnect Dubai
0 +
serious business setup enquiries for SmartZone


7x’s no-nonsense approach is ideally suited to high-growth scale-up businesses like ours, testing new ideas, scaling what works and quickly learning from what doesn’t. Their Facebook and Instagram campaigns for iKonnect have delivered consistently profitable user growth, increasing our new client by more than 500% in just under 6 months while at the same time reducing cost per acquisition by over 40%.
I especially like how Manpreet took the time to really understand the business and curate a customized campaign catering out needs. As a busy founder/CMO they were a real pleasure to work with!
Muhammad Faisal
Co-founder and CEO, iKonnect LLC
I brought Manpreet from X7 Media into Smart Earthworks after our previous agency failed to deliver the results we needed. Not only did they significantly increase leads and sales while driving down costs but they also transformed our attribution and reporting bringing a new level of transparency about what campaigns were delivering what revenue, ultimately allowing us to spend more in the right places to grow the sales pipeline. Their focus on driving the numbers that mattered to our business rather than trying to blind us with report after report full of fluff is a breath of fresh air. These guys are real experts.
Melten Manuake
Partner, Smart Earthworks Vanuatu
Manpreet from X7 did a great job working on our Paid Social and Paid Search accounts. Not only he introduced a new vertical of advertising and sales which we never considered in past 30 years of our business, he was able to generate considerable amount of business in a very short span of time.
Baldev Singh
Managing Director, Oster Knit Pvt. Ltd.

Some things you probably want to know…

Where are you based?

Our permanent basecamp is in Dubai, UAE but 90% of the time we all work remotely.

Can we have monthly meetings?

We like to put a face to an email but we don’t usually find that regular meetings provide value over and above a call or video chat.


How much do you charge?

Our charges start from AED3000/ month for each channel we manage for you or 10% of your monthly ad spend (whichever is greater). Please reach out for a customized quote.

My business hasn’t launched yet, what are my options?

We’ve got experience working with start-ups right from pre-launch to scale-up and if you’re not ready to start advertising yet then we can work with you in an advisory/ consultative role.

What counts as a channel?

Facebook & Instagram are one channel, Google Ads (search & display) counts as another channel. Twitter, LinkedIn & Snapchat are all single channels.


My account has been banned by Facebook, can you help?

This depends, if your business is on Facebook’s hit list of prohibited industries its unlikely we’ll be able to help you. We have experience working in borderline “restricted” products like gambling though.

Do you have a minimum contract?

There is a 2 month notice period on all our management plans.


Can you sign an NDA?

Yes sure, we’re often asked to sign these with the startups we work with.

Do you work with clients outside the UAE?

Yes we’ve worked with clients across Europe, North America and the Middle East.

Can we produce our own ads?

Yes sure if you have in-house resources for producing adverts thats great, but they’ll need to be produced to our specification.


What reports will I get?

We’ll report either weekly or monthly depending on what you need but you’ll also have full access to your campaign stats anytime.


Can you train our in-house team?

Yes we’ve done lots of training for in-house teams and other agencies, hit us up on email with your requirements.

Ready to be our next success story?

Tell us a bit about your project and what you’re looking for from an agency, we’ll get right back to you and let you know if we can help.