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Our founders have been working with Facebook Ads since 2009. Yes, that makes us feel old 👴🏻

With the world and his dog on Facebook, Insta, Messenger and Whatsapp there’s a very good reason its THE place to show ads right now, but most businesses are failing to make it work. We can help.

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7x’s no-nonsense approach is ideally suited to high-growth scale-up businesses like ours, testing new ideas, scaling what works and quickly learning from what doesn’t. Their Facebook and Instagram campaigns for Mindful Chef have delivered consistently profitable user growth, increasing our new subscribers by more than 300% over 12 months while at the same time reducing cost per acquisition by over 40%.
I especially like how they take the time to really understand the business and our customers and always bring new ideas to the table. As a busy founder/CMO they were a real pleasure to work with!
Giles Humphries
Co-founder, Mindful Chef
7x have done a great job working on our Paid Social and Paid Search accounts. We’ve had very strong YOY new member growth since we started working with them and their technical knowledge is excellent. They have been a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend getting in touch to see what the can do for your paid activity.
Andy Fullard
Content & Acquisition Manager, We Are Discounts

Facebook Ad costs gone up recently? Performance in free-fall? You’re not alone.

Facebook Ads have come a long way since we started advertising with them in 2009. But in creating the most powerful ad platform on earth Facebook have built a ****ing complicated, many-headed, cash-eating monster. Facebook make it very easy to waste money on Ads and we see a lot of rookie Facebook Ad agencies burning through stacks of their clients cash trying to blindly figure out what works. Others find success when spending £20 a day but costs skyrocket when they try to scale up.

You need a Facebook Ad agency who knows whats going to work for you without wasting a ton of your money figuring it out and who have the experience scaling campaigns to five figure daily spends. That’s where we come in. We’ve made Facebook Ads work for everyone from startups to scale-ups to FTSE250 businesses and global brands. We’ve had success in B2C, D2C, B2B and 3rd sector. We’ve used Facebook Ads for lead generation, ecommerce, user onboarding, awareness, donations.

We’re not a generalist digital agency who started claiming to be Facebook Ads experts when it got cool. We’ve been doing this for years and we know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re running Facebook Ads at the moment either managing them yourself or working with a Facebook Ads agency we’re happy to take a look at your account and give you an honest, BS free assessment of what you’re running and what you should do to improve performance. We can even do it without getting access to your Facebook Ads account if you prefer.

Contact us and tell us about your campaign. We love helping people troubleshoot problems with their FB ads, even if they don’t turn into clients!

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